Cierto Tequila sets a new standard in the spirits world, becoming the most awarded tequila in history with over 800 international accolades.

Cierto Tequila: A Historic Achievement in the World of Spirits

Cierto, The Most Awarded Tequila in History, Becomes the First to Reach 800 International Accolades

In an industry marked by intense competition and centuries-old traditions, one brand has risen above the rest to set a historic record. Cierto Tequila, an offering from the Elevated Spirits Company, has achieved a monumental milestone, becoming the first tequila in history to surpass eight hundred international medals and awards. This achievement was solidified when Cierto won eleven awards at the prestigious 2023 Sunset International Spirits Competition, including the highly coveted title of Best Tequila.

A Legacy of Excellence

Cierto’s journey to the top has been marked by relentless pursuit of quality and authenticity. Jim Ruane, Cierto’s Chief Growth Officer, reflects on this achievement: “The continued recognition of Cierto by some of the world’s most respected spirits experts, and the unbelievable response from consumers, tells us we are succeeding in our mission to make the finest tequila on the planet.” This dedication to excellence has resulted in an impressive tally of 802 international accolades to date.

The Elevated Spirits Company: Crafting Perfection

At the heart of Cierto’s success is the Elevated Spirits Company, the brand’s producer. Located in Jalisco, Mexico, the company prides itself on producing authentic, 100% natural, additive-free, luxury tequila. True to its name, “Cierto,” meaning “True,” the brand embodies the essence of genuine tequila-making. This is evident in their product line, which includes the Cierto Private Collection (Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo) and the Cierto Reserve Collection (Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo). Each of these expressions is crafted from pure Highlands agave, harvested at peak maturity by fourth and fifth generation agaveros.

Recognition at the Sunset International Spirits Competition

The Sunset International Spirits Competition, now in its fifth year, is a notable event created by Sunset Magazine. It focuses on assessing consumer appeal, particularly in the Western US, which houses some of the country’s top spirits markets. The competition is judged by a panel of fellow distillers, spirits educators, retail buyers, and experienced beverage media professionals. Cierto’s recognition at this competition is a testament to its widespread appeal and exceptional quality.

The Path Forward

As Cierto Tequila celebrates this historic achievement, the brand continues to set its sights on new heights. With the steadfast commitment of its growers and distillers, along with a deep understanding of true tequila-making, Cierto is well-positioned to continue leading the industry and delighting consumers around the world.

Discover more about this extraordinary tequila and its journey to becoming “The Most Awarded Tequila in History” at cierto.com.

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