Grand Marnier® Cabanas Offer a Taste of the French Riviera

In partnership with ResortPass, the luxurious Grand Margarita cabanas will be available poolside in Miami and Los Angeles. Whether you like cognac or orange liqueur, Grand Marnier’s unusual blend of cognac and orange liqueur is tailored for a truly grand experience

The Grand Margarita Summer Encounter by Grand Marnier® is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind cabana experience that combines the signature, bold flavors of the Grand Margarita cocktail with a touch of the brand’s French heritage, creating an elevated poolside soiree that’s befitting its French heritage.          

It is the unique combination of an American favorite cocktail, the Margarita, with the sophistication of Cognac in Grand Marnier, that creates an elevated Margarita experience anytime of the year.  As of May 1, consumers will be able to register for a luxurious Grand Margarita Summer Encounter via ResortPass.com, and they will be able to do so for both Los Angeles and Miami during the summer months. It is ResortPass’ mission to inspire people to live luxuriously by providing them with access to a wide range of luxury resort amenities – such as stunning pools, private beaches, deluxe spas, and top fitness facilities – all within walking distance of where they live.

With the Grand Margarita Summer Encounter, guests coming to the Grand Margarita can book a customized, French-inspired daycation in a cabana cabin, for up to six guests, at a price that fits their budgets, without having to make an overnight reservation at the resort.  As part of the experience, you will receive a customized Grand Marnier pool tote, deluxe Turkish towel, sun hat inspired by a walk along the French Riviera, premium French skincare items, and of course unlimited access to the cool ripple of a pristine, luxurious pool. There is also unlimited access to the Grand Marnier pool.  The summer encounter experience is only available to individuals who are 21 years and older and you can purchase it by simply visiting fooji.info/summerencounter in order to do so. In order to book your Grand Margarita Summer Encounter, simply select your preferred city and you will be redirected to the corresponding ResortPass page where you can select the date (available June through August) that works for you.

In the early 1880s, Grand Marnier was born with a unique blend of Cognac and bitter orange liqueur in their first bottle, a combination that was unimaginable at that time, but has been at the core of Grand Marnier’s heritage since then.  Nevertheless, the result of the experiment was incredible, and ever since that time, the recipe has remained the same.  A new Grand Margarita Summer Encounter has been launched following the launch of a new global creative campaign by the brand called “Grand Encounter” – a series of films that celebrate the magic that is created when two unexpected elements come together to make something extraordinary.  The Grand Marnier brand is transforming a poolside visit into a luxurious immersive experience by combining its hero cocktail, The Grand Margarita, with an elevated cabana experience, turning the experience into a luxurious immersive one, offering consumers a French inspired getaway during which they can have their own unique Grand Encounters throughout the summer, and beyond.  

Grand Marnier will continue celebrating Grand Encounters beyond the summer months in an effort to extend the Grand Margarita Summer Encounter to other cities outside of Miami and Los Angeles. In order to say “Goodbye” to home and “Bonjour” to France, the origin of Grand Marnier, Grand Marnier will be offering the chance for one lucky person and their guest to win a trip to Paris.  For 4 days and 3 nights, guests age 21 and over will be whisked away to Paris for a journey of unexpected encounters as they are taken on an adventure of a lifetime.  By winning this coveted sweepstakes prize, guests will have the opportunity to create their own Grand Encounter under the Parisian sun and stars in 2024, with the help of Grand Marnier.

Andrea Sengara, Vice President of Marketing for Campari, U.S. says “The Grand Margarita Summer Encounter program celebrates Grand Marnier’s history of bringing together two unexpected elements to create something Grand. This concept dates to our origins when our founder, Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle combined Cognac with a bitter orange essence, and continues today with our hero cocktail, the Grand Margarita, in which the inclusion of a Cognac based liqueur in the number one cocktail in the U.S., the Margarita, creates a cocktail that has a more complex, richer flavor profile. With this program, we continue to provide consumers with the opportunity to elevate their cocktail drinking experience, pairing Grand Margarita cocktails with a French inspired, luxurious cabana setting in which they can uncover the magic of serendipitous encounters all summer long.”

You are invited to participate in Grand Marnier’s Grand Margarita Summer Encounter which will take place from May 16th through August 20th for a summer experience that you will never forget! We would like to remind you that regardless of whether you enjoy your Grand Margarita poolside, at your favorite bar or restaurant, at home with friends, or anywhere else, please do so responsibly.  Visit fooji.info/summerencounter to learn more about this unforgettable French holiday experience that you don’t want to miss.

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