Without a doubt, Brunch is the most anticipated and most attended party in the United Arab Emirates every weekend.

For a reasonable price, attendees are served unlimited food, a superb variety of cocktails, and music – with live performances – for 4 hours straight!

So it’s easy to see why hitting up a brunch every Thursday, Friday, or Saturday in the UAE is the cool thing to do.

Of the different categories of brunches, the most popular party brunch can be found in Dubai, on the world’s second largest Man Made Island – The Palm Jumeirah.

The Atlantis, which holds this brunch, resembles a Castle out of a Disney Movie.

The Palm Jumeirah (Left) and The Atlantis Hotel (Right).

About a 35 minute cab ride from Dubai International Airport, and in close vicinity to hotels ranging from the $100 to $200 price Range, Atlantis’s Saffron Brunch is not hard to reach. And for unlimited champagne, spirits of all kinds, 20 different international food and cocktail stations, and live Dj’s playing all the hits, $146 dollars per person does not seem like a steep price to pay.

The Foods of Saffron
(Credit: What’s On Dubai)

However, if you are Ballin’ on a budget, the Entertainer App (Found on the App Store and Google Play Store) has a buy one get one free deal to lighten the load.

Trust me. Saffron Brunch does NOT disappoint.

Want to know exactly what I mean? Check out the latest Vlog of me diving into the biggest brunch experience in Dubai.

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