In a world where it feels your only option is to be a wonder woman, a woman has to stop and wonder when is it ok to be vulnerable, to feel sexy, to say fuck it I love me and I am more than enough?

Last year I received the wonderful news I was expecting my first born son. I was completely overjoyed that I finally get to answer the call of being a mom, but the reality of whom I’ve chosen to have the baby with swept in and for the next nine months I would be subjected to narcissist physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. I went from a confident, multiple incomes, thriving, empowered woman, to being used, cheated on, large debt from letting him live off of me, and a damaged self esteem.

Surviving Narcissist abuse while Pregnant is one thing , and then having your abuser discard you and your child, is surely enough to make you want to snatch some souls, but to add some frosting to a shit pie, I am also dealing with postpartum depression. Did she say depression? Sure did and I am not ashamed to admit my truths and nor should any person. It is ok to say when you’re not ok.

Narcissism and postpartum are two topics that need to be spot lighted, especially for those that are experiencing it without knowing what it is, I had no clue before this year. No sis you’re not crazy, thats just him gaslighting you or for those that are too afraid to speak and or have been beaten down to the point of acceptance.

But this Blog is not to focus on the pain, but what do we do after the fact? How do you get up off the floor, clean your face and heal like a Boss? That is why we are here.

I know this battle will not be an easy one and I have had more than a few Jesus take the wheel moments.

But this wonder woman is no stranger to the battle field.

As I grab my armor, lace my boots, and fix my muthfucking crown, I invite you to join me on this adventure of Self discovery, Healing, Growth, Vulnerability and Triumph.

The best revenge is Success, So stay tuned! Xoxo

ByLauren Amaris

I am a singer/songwriter from Chicago pursuing my career and dreams. Looking to meet wonderful people, Share adventures and make a difference volunteering and working in my communities.

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