The Carnivorous Culinary Experience at Pig Beach in Queens with Brisket King was an unforgettable foodie event. It brought together some of the finest pitmasters, chefs, and beverage experts from across the country. The event featured a wide range of dishes, including brisket, ribs, sausages, and other smoked meats, paired with a variety of craft beers.

The event was hosted by Pig Beach, a popular barbecue restaurant in Brooklyn. It was also hosted by Brisket King, an organization that hosts annual competitions to crown the finest brisket in the city. The event took place in a large outdoor space, with ample seating for guests to enjoy food and drinks. The atmosphere was lively and energetic, and the smell of smoke wafting from the grills created a festive ambiance enjoyed by all. A definite vibe added to the overall experience.

The highlight of the event was the Brisket King competition, where contestants showcased their signature brisket dishes. The brisket was cooked to perfection, with a smoky flavor second to none. The competition was fierce, and the judges had trouble picking a winner. Some of the standout dishes included the brisket from Hometown BBQ, the smoked sausage from Kimchi Smoke, and the jerk chicken from Sands Jerk Hut. Each dish was expertly prepared, with just the right balance of smoke, seasoning, and tenderness. The beverage selection was also noteworthy, with a variety of beers on offer to complement the rich flavors of the smoked meats.

Overall, the Carnivorous Culinary Experience at Pig Beach in Queens with Brisket King was an exceptional event that showcased the essence of barbecue and beverage culture. The event brought together some of the most talented pitmasters and chefs from across the United States to showcase their skills. The food, drinks, and atmosphere were all top-notch, making it a must-see event for anyone who enjoys great meals and drinks.

ByEl Indio Gordo

A retired Army Combat Veteran with a diverse background in military law enforcement, paralegal work, and human resources. With a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Spanish, as well as an Associate degree in Small Business Entrepreneurship. A proud member of The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, where he serves as the New York City Ambassador. A role where he advocates for the economic empowerment and advancement of Puerto Rican businesses in the city, promoting entrepreneurship and fostering meaningful connections within the business community. Additionally, he has a deep connection to his indigenous roots as a member of the Higuayagua Caribeña Taino tribe. And serves as a valued member of the Community Relations Team, to help strengthen the relationship between the tribe and the broader community. Also hold the esteemed position of Tribal Guide, or Ehibu'no, where he shares knowledge and wisdom about Taino culture and history with others.

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