In January, Tonic will launch its first collection of generative art on the blockchain, introducing art and design enthusiasts to a new world of generative art.

 The co-founder and CEO of Tonic.xyz, Susannah Maybank, has announced the launch of the fine art gallery, Tonic.xyz, that offers generative art for crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts.

Our mission at Tonic is to create a safe, welcoming environment where you can learn about and collect fine art NFTs that bridge the digital and physical worlds. If you are unfamiliar with web3, Tonic will assist you in converting non-crypto-natives by using a familiar web2 commerce design, simple credit card payments, a provisional wallet, white-glove concierge services, and optional physical prints to convert non-crypto-natives.

The gallery presents collections of generative art produced by exceptional artists—artists who code a semi-autonomous system to create unique pieces—that are curated by Tonic. On January 31, Tonic will release its first collection, featuring the work of artist and Design Milk founder Jaime Derringer. Stefano Contiero and William Mapan will release their collections in February and March, respectively.

In addition to co-founding Tonic with Mariam Naficy, Susannah Maybank leads the company as its CEO. Her most recent position was Head of Digital at Gagosian, where she has spent her entire career. Tonic’s Chairman of the Board is Mariam Naficy. Founder of Eve and Minted, the design marketplace, Naficy has over 20 years of operating experience.

Ten founding partners join Maybank and Naficy, including Yves Behar, Brit Morin, India Mahdavi, Ken Fulk, Brigette Romanek, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Christiane Lemieux, and other leading art and design thinkers. Tonic’s Board of Directors includes Ariel Hudes, Head of Pace Verso (Pace Gallery’s NFT department).

Tonic’s genesis collection, Chromesthesia: Ascend from artist Jaime Derringer, will launch on January 31 at 10 am PT. In this body of work, Derringer experiments with generative creation to explore the phenomenon of experiencing colors in response to certain sounds or other stimuli.


Tonic, a curated gallery focused on generative art on the blockchain, is built for crypto newcomers and art collectors, offering the best generative art in the world with easy onboarding and a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. Powering the next generation of artists and collectors, Tonic will define the future of art experience and collection. For more information about Tonic, visit http://tonic.xyz and follow @tonic_xyz on Instagram and Twitter.

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