Breaking Barriers in Taste: Daiya’s Pop-Up Invites New Yorkers to Indulge in Plant-Based Pizza Adventures Without Fear or Judgment

Embracing the growing curiosity towards plant-based diets, Daiya Foods, a pioneer in plant-based cheese, unveiled an imaginative venture last night. They opened the doors to Slice Club, a first-of-its-kind pop-up slice shop in New York City’s iconic Two Boots pizzeria in the West Village. This unique experience comes in response to new research revealing that while 85% of people are eager to try plant-based foods, many feel intimidated to do so in public settings.

Slice Club, with its vibrant and judgment-free ambiance, is Daiya’s answer to these apprehensions. Over 500 New Yorkers, including comedian Joey Dardano, content creator Jeremy Jacobowitz, and influencer Ferris Wheel Jay, lined up, eager to delve into Daiya’s plant-based offerings.

Nasim Lahbichi, the newly-appointed Slice Consultant, multicultural recipe developer, and digital storyteller, led the initiative. Each guest received personalized consultations, guiding them through an array of Daiya’s plant-based pizzas, including favorites like Meatless Pepperoni, Cheeze Lover’s, Fire-Roasted Vegetables, Supreme, and the standout, BBQ Plant-based Chick’n Style.

“Venturing into uncharted culinary territories can be intimidating, even for a seasoned explorer in the food world like myself. ‘Slice Club’ is proof that food exploration can be a mouthwatering journey, where, with the right guidance, people can satisfy their cravings for a more fulfilling and exciting experience, one bite at a time,” expressed Nasim Lahbichi.

“Plant-based foods aren’t reserved for just vegans or vegetarians. Nowadays, many eaters want to dabble in plant-based foods, whether entirely committed to a plant-based lifestyle or not. At Daiya, we welcome and support this curiosity. ‘Slice Club’ is our way of providing a risk-free opportunity for curious eaters to scratch their plant-based itch,” said Melanie Domer, Chief Marketing Officer at Daiya.

The overwhelming success of the pop-up reflects the public’s eagerness to push culinary boundaries and explore new, plant-based foods. Daiya even created a sexy playlist for plant-based eaters to enjoy anywhere, celebrating the Slice Club spirit.

Considering the pop-up’s popularity, Daiya is contemplating bringing Slice Club to other pizza-loving cities in the U.S. Fans can relive the experience on social media at @daiyafoods or by visiting the hashtag #DaiyaSliceClub.

About Daiya

Since 2008, Daiya Foods has been at the forefront of creating delicious, dairy-free plant-based products. Starting with various cheese formats, the company has successfully expanded into cheese-forward foods like pizza, Mac & Cheese, and frozen cheesecake. Daiya products are available in over 25,000 grocery stores across the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

For more information, visit Daiya Foods, or follow on Instagram and TikTok.

About Nasim Lahbichi

Nasim Lahbichi, a Brooklyn native, gained popularity on TikTok with his culturally rich recipes and feel-good voiceovers. His aim is to empower others through food, stories, and genuine connections. Nasim continues to engage his audience with creativity and authenticity, bringing unique, culturally inspired dishes that appeal to a broad audience.

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