Harlem Lacrosse's Annual Benefit Gala

Lacrosse, an age-old sport tracing its origins to Native American communities, is today more than just a game for many. For organizations like Harlem Lacrosse, it’s a transformative medium that educates, enriches, and empowers. As the calendar marks closer to November 2nd, 2023, the anticipation builds. Harlem Lacrosse, a beacon for positive change in the lives of young individuals, is all set to host its annual Benefit Gala at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers in New York.

A Night of Unity and Purpose

The glitz and glamour of a gala often overshadow its core purpose. However, Harlem Lacrosse ensures that its mission remains at the forefront. The evening is set to echo with inspirational tales from students whose lives have been positively molded by the organization. Amidst the backdrop of The Lighthouse, attendees will be surrounded by stories of empowerment, resilience, and the magic that comes from a community united for a singular purpose.

Celebrating Achievements and Looking Forward

While the past year’s accomplishments deserve their time in the limelight, the gala also serves as a platform to discuss the future. The event seeks to emphasize the importance of continued philanthropic investment in the organization’s mission. Through lacrosse, education, and enrichment, Harlem Lacrosse envisages a brighter, more inclusive future for its student-athletes.

This year’s gala also comes with a touch of gratitude, as it will honor Chuck Leitner, a key figure in Harlem Lacrosse’s journey. His roles, both as an Executive Board member and a volunteer assistant coach, have left indelible marks on the organization and its beneficiaries.

Mike Levin, the CEO of Harlem Lacrosse, shared his excitement, stating, “Gathering our entire community of stakeholders is a unique opportunity and one that we cherish at Harlem Lacrosse. We can’t wait to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and share our gratitude with our generous network of supporters on what is sure to be a special night.”

Supporting the Vision

Although the gala event is at its full capacity—a testament to Harlem Lacrosse’s commendable work and impact—those eager to be a part of this journey can join the waitlist. Moreover, supporters can make their contributions directly through the organization’s website, ensuring that the torch of empowerment continues to shine brightly for future generations.

About Harlem Lacrosse

With a strategic presence in lacrosse-emerging cities that require additional educational support, Harlem Lacrosse plays a pivotal role. From the sixth grade right through to high school graduation, it nurtures students and their families, providing both academic and athletic coaching. By doing so, it not only creates pathways to success for its students but also champions the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the world of lacrosse.

For those seeking to delve deeper into the transformative journey of Harlem Lacrosse, more information is available at Harlem Lacrosse.

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