Trevor Andrew, former world-renowned professional snowboarder turned multi-disciplinary artist

Disney100 x H&M, a collection by artist Trevor Andrew, celebrates Disney’s 100th anniversary with H&M. Trevor Andrew reimagines Disney’s legendary characters for the streetwear collection. In stores and online on July 20th, the collection also includes limited-edition skateboards.

The Disney100 x H&M collection was designed by former professional snowboarder Trevor Andrew, a lifelong Disney fan and multidisciplinary artist. The collection began with Trevor’s art and interpretations of Disney characters, depicted on garments and accessories.

It features several Disney characters, all-over prints, and Andrew’s signature symbols, including the ghost and the flying egg. Inspired by Trevor Andrew’s love of Disney and street art culture, the collection boasts some of today’s hottest styles. Any person looking to stand out will appreciate the collection’s all-denim look with the Disney logo. An 80’s throwback leather bomber feels modern with a cool edge that makes it feel nostalgic. A variety of versatile pieces are available in the collection, such as tees and hoodies that can easily be worn all day and all night.

A first for H&M, the collection includes limited-edition skateboards with artwork by Trevor Andrew, an avid skateboarder. There are seven layers of maple plywood on the deck of the skateboard, measuring 31″ long by 8″ wide. There are two styles, one with a hand-painted Disney wordmark logo, and the other with iconic Disney characters.

As part of this collaboration, H&M Williamsburg and Disney created a unique art installation designed by Trevor that transports you into Trevor’s creative world. Guests will be able to step inside H&M Williamsburg through his eyes and see how Disney characters have been reimagined through art. The space features everything from a Disney-printed wall to an upholstered couch fully covered in Disney patterns. This space was intended to feel like Andrew’s personal studio where you can experience the creative process that went into creating this collection.

“The Gallery” is H&M Williamsburg’s 4th chapter. We are able to showcase Trevor Andrew as a part of this chapter in a space that connects with current street culture. Trevor’s artistic musings are reflected in many of the artists featured within “The Gallery.”

Through collaboration with curatorial partners, “The Gallery” provides guests with an elevated design experience aimed at making art and artists more accessible to the public. The Disney100 x H&M collection by Trevor Andrew will be on display from July 21st through August 23rd.  

This is what H&M Williamsburg is all about:

Taking its inspiration from the iconic neighborhood, H&M Williamsburg offers a brand-new store experience that’s fresh and surprising. As a space designed to evolve throughout 2023, H&M Williamsburg will feature a thoughtfully curated selection of the brand’s most popular fashion styles.

Visit the following website for more information:  

 The HMWilliamsburg website can be found at: www.HMWilliamsburg.com

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