Every Wednesday through Sunday from 1-9 p.m., Tipsy Scoop, a handcrafted, liquor-infused ice cream and sorbet company, will serve spiked sweet treats on the 86th Floor Observatory of the Empire State Building (ESB).

“Our successful pop-up program has brought New York’s authentic, local flavors to the heart of the city and provided a sweet surprise for our guests,” said Jean-Yves Ghazi, president of the Empire State Building Observatory. “We are pleased to partner with Tipsy Scoop to turn the Empire State Building’s 86th Floor Observatory into a temporary ice cream ‘barlour’ with a view this August.”
Jean-Yves Ghazi, president of the Empire State Building Observatory

A pop-up cart in the building will offer three of Tipsy Scoop’s prepackaged boozy flavors, including dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel ice cream, mango margarita sorbet, and raspberry limoncello sorbet. An ESB-exclusive signature sundae will also be available, which includes pina colada plant-based ice cream infused with rum and pineapple rum, topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, gummy bears, and NYC-themed candy. For $4.50, you can also get non-alcoholic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and cherry.

Tag photos of guests enjoying their treats with #PopUpTop for a chance to be featured on ESB’s social media channels. More monthly pop-ups at the Empire State Building Observatory will be announced in the future.

“We are so excited for our pop-up at the Empire State Building this August,” said Melissa Tavss, Tipsy Scoop founder and CEO. “Our signature Empire State Building sundae is not only delicious, but also the perfect addition to your Observatory photos.”

Melissa Tavss, Tipsy Scoop founder and CEO

More information about the Empire State Building and tickets can be found https://www.esbnyc.com/

ByMichelle Mitchell

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