Steven Roberts, CEO and President of The Echo Design Group, Inc. Honored at 2019 Accessories Council ACE Awards

A true leader in the industry, Steven is a founding and active board member of the Accessories Council. He began his career at Echo in 1978, becoming President in 1993, and adding CEO to his title in 2004. The Accessories… Read More ›

Dr. Samuel Waxman Received Prestigious Award At the 34th Annual Ellis Island Medals of Honor Ceremony

Dr. Samuel Waxman, Founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF), was one of the medalists at the 34th annual Ellis Island Medals of Honor Ceremony, hosted by  the Ellis Island Honors Society (EIHS). The event, which was held in Ellis Island’s… Read More ›

Saturday, May 4, The 2019 Kimmie Awards – Atlanta, GA

The 2019 Kimmie Awards (presented by SHEEN Magazine)Celebrates “The Illustrious Woman” 2018 has been defined as the “Year of the Woman,” and in 2019 the movement’s momentum only continues to grow. Therefore, the 2019 Kimmie Awards will shine the spotlight on… Read More ›

The 70th Annual George Polk Awards

NEW YORK, March, 2019 – The 70th Annual George Polk Awards will be celebrated with two distinct events—the David J. Steinberg Seminar, “Honoring Reporters Who Seek to Right Wrongs,” Thursday,April 4, at the Kumble Theater at LIU Brooklyn; and the 70th Annual George Polk Awards Ceremony Luncheon, Friday,… Read More ›

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