Cuban ballet sensation Cesar Ramirez Castellano stars in The Phoenix 10/22 & 10/29

An Odyssey in Ballet: The Making of a Theatrical Masterpiece

“The Phoenix” Takes Flight: A Fantastical Ballet Odyssey in Santa Monica

The bustling arts scene of Santa Monica, California is about to witness the debut of a balletic masterpiece. This October, the Westside Ballet Black Box Theatre will host “The Phoenix”, a creation of the prodigious Chasen Greenwood and his innovative ballet company, REALM.

A Rising Star’s Vision

Chasen Greenwood’s meteoric rise in the theatrical world is a testament to his talent and vision. After clinching the title of Regional Dance America Southwest’s “Best Young Choreographer”, Greenwood’s choreographic prowess has graced Hollywood movies and even a Superbowl-screened Xbox TV commercial, in collaboration with Lady Gaga’s renowned choreographer, Richy Jackson. With a promising choreography lined up for the Al Pacino starred “Billy Knight” in 2024, it’s clear Greenwood’s creative genius knows no bounds. Despite a packed schedule, Greenwood birthed a new story ballet, “The Phoenix”, set to premiere on October 22nd and 29th.

The Realm of Fantasy

Cesar Ramirez Castellano
The Los Angeles Ballet’s Cesar Ramirez Castellano stars.

Drawing deep from the wells of cinematic fantasies like “Harry Potter” and the artistic brilliance of “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “The Phoenix” promises a captivating experience. It isn’t just a dance; it’s a tale of love, coming of age, mysticism, and rebirth, brought to life by a cast of exceptional talent.

Cesar Ramirez Castellano of the Los Angeles Ballet will be taking center stage, playing a knight in a gripping love saga with an enchantress, portrayed by the enchanting Holly Johnson. The production will also feature prominent names like Matisse Love from the Russian State Ballet Theatre, influencer Kathryn Morgan, and David Protas from the New York City Ballet.

A Symphony in Motion

No ballet is complete without its score, and for this, Greenwood turned to Taylor Briggs, a prodigious composer from the Berklee College of Music. Their collaboration has resulted in a cinematic score, blurring the lines between film and dance. As Briggs articulates, the composition techniques employed for “The Phoenix” present a score that’s both diverse and story-driven.

The Realm Company’s Mission

The Realm Company, under the visionary leadership of Theresa Farrell, aims to bring narratives in ballet from a myriad of perspectives. They are not just about dance; they’re about sharing stories that resonate, captivate, and inspire.

An Invitation to Fantasia

For those in search of an evening that promises a harmonious blend of ballet and theatrical magic, “The Phoenix” is the event to mark on your calendar. The Realm Company welcomes you on Sunday, Oct. 22, and Sunday, Oct. 29, at the Westside Ballet’s new Blackbox Theatre in Santa Monica.

Book your tickets at therealmscompany.com and be prepared to embark on a balletic journey like no other.

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