Submissions are now being accepted for the 13th International Horror Film Festival

13th International Horror Film Festival Now Accepting Submissions

The thrill of suspense, the shivers of fear, and the adrenaline rush of terror are all elements that make the horror genre a captivating and enduring part of cinema. Horror films have the unique ability to elicit a wide range of emotions, from heart-pounding excitement to bone-chilling dread, all within the safety of a movie theater or the comfort of our own homes. The 13th International Horror Film Festival is now accepting submissions, promising to once again showcase the best and most innovative works in the genre.
A new award design, incentive, and category will be introduced.  The new Room 237 Film Competition joins existing categories such as Film, Script, Live FX Makeup, and Scream King/Queen.  There will be cash awards and trophies for the top three films in this latest competition.

A Celebration of Fear and Creativity

Horror films have come a long way since their early days, evolving from simple ghost stories to complex narratives that explore the darkest corners of the human psyche. The International Horror Film Festival has been a crucial platform for both established filmmakers and emerging talents to share their visions and celebrate the art of horror. With each passing year, the festival grows in prestige, attracting a diverse array of filmmakers, writers, actors, and horror enthusiasts from around the world.

Submissions Are Welcome

As the horror genre continues to evolve, so too does the International Horror Film Festival. The 13th edition of the festival is now open for submissions, inviting filmmakers to present their most compelling and bone-chilling works to a global audience hungry for thrills. Whether you’re a seasoned horror veteran or a newcomer with a fresh perspective, the festival provides a unique opportunity to showcase your creativity and vision.

A Glimpse into the Macabre

The festival’s program is set to feature a curated selection of horror films that embody the full spectrum of the genre. From supernatural scares to psychological thrillers, and from creature features to innovative experimental works, the lineup promises to deliver a captivating journey into the macabre. Audiences can expect to experience a rollercoaster of emotions as they delve into the minds of filmmakers who dare to explore the unknown and challenge societal norms.

Exploring Cultural Significance

Horror films often reflect the fears and anxieties of the society in which they are created. They can serve as a mirror to cultural concerns, providing a platform to address and confront the unspoken fears that lurk beneath the surface. The International Horror Film Festival has, over the years, become a place where these fears are explored, dissected, and presented in thought-provoking ways. Filmmakers from different corners of the world bring their unique perspectives, adding to the festival’s rich tapestry of cultural diversity.

A Nexus of Talent and Opportunity

For filmmakers, the International Horror Film Festival is not just a showcase of their work, but also a hub of networking opportunities, discussions, and masterclasses. It offers a chance to engage with fellow creatives, industry professionals, and fans of the genre, fostering an environment of collaboration and inspiration. As the festival continues to grow in stature, filmmakers can leverage this platform to gain recognition, secure distribution deals, and forge lasting connections within the industry.

Embracing the Unknown

Horror films often push the boundaries of storytelling and filmmaking techniques. They challenge filmmakers to think creatively and innovatively, often resulting in groundbreaking works that redefine the genre. The International Horror Film Festival encourages such innovation, inviting filmmakers to experiment with narrative structures, visual aesthetics, and sound design to craft unforgettable cinematic experiences.

Submit Your Nightmares

As the 13th International Horror Film Festival opens its doors to submissions, it’s a reminder that horror is a genre that transcends borders and languages, bringing people together through their shared love for the thrill of fear. Filmmakers around the world are encouraged to submit their nightmarish creations, whether they’re tales of ghosts that haunt the night or monsters that lurk in the shadows. This is an opportunity to join the ranks of horror visionaries who have left an indelible mark on the genre.

In a world where the line between reality and the supernatural is often blurred, the International Horror Film Festival stands as a testament to our fascination with the unknown and our desire to confront our deepest fears. So, grab your camera, summon your darkest imagination, and submit your entry to the 13th International Horror Film Festival for a chance to be part of a legacy that celebrates the art of horror in all its chilling glory.
The International Horror Hotel Film Festival and Convention is held every June in Northeast Ohio. The 2024 festival marks the 13th edition and consists of competitions for films, scripts and music videos in the following genres:  horror, horror-comedy, fantasy, slasher, sci-fi, suspense-thriller, and experimental. The best of independent filmmaking is awarded and recognized in various categories.

The event features four days of film screenings, two days of panel discussions and lectures, vendor convention, special guests, networking parties, live competitions and more.
Visit Film Festival – International Horror Hotel Film Festival to submit your film, volunteer or become a vendor/sponsor. https://horrorhotelfilmfest.com

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