Park West Gallery Opens Jeff Vermeeren Exhibition in Soho, New York

NEW YORK, Aug. 17, 2023 – The renowned Park West Gallery in Soho is set to unveil a captivating new body of work by artist Jeff Vermeeren, the innovator of the distinct “Extreme Abstract” style. The exhibition will debut on Friday, the 25th, from 3-6 pm. During the event, Vermeeren will also discuss his artistic process in a Q&A session and will interact with collectors and visitors.

Vermeeren is recognized for his pioneering technique, where he employs fire, freezing, pressure, and volatile chemicals to produce his stunning and hyper-saturated works of metallic mixed-media art. The resulting dreamlike, swirling creations transport viewers into a stratospheric realm. John Block, Park West’s Executive Vice President, remarked on the fascinating tension between Vermeeren’s multi-step method, which often involves setting his pieces on fire multiple times, and the lush, soothing outcome. Block expressed Park West’s excitement and honor in representing such a visionary artist.

Born in Calgary, Canada, Vermeeren’s creative spirit was evident from a young age. He later founded his construction and demolition company, an experience that seemingly influenced his art. Each piece by Vermeeren undergoes a process of destruction and reconstruction. The artist often allows the process to guide the final outcome, rather than having a fixed vision.

While Vermeeren’s exact techniques remain somewhat enigmatic, he shared with Fine Art Magazine that many have speculated about his methods. Some believe he uses sprays or drips, while others think the artwork looks ceramic or even illuminated from behind. Vermeeren enjoys keeping the exact process a “little secret.”

Art collectors and enthusiasts are encouraged to attend this free, public event for a chance to view and purchase Vermeeren’s newly unveiled works.

Park West Gallery SoHo operates seven days a week, with varying hours. Entry is free, and the gallery’s expert staff are available to guide visitors. For more details about Park West Gallery, please visit www.parkwestgallery.com

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