There's a new techno club in Bushwick called Silo
There's a new techno club in Bushwick called Silo

You can find Silo at 90 Scott Avenue in Brooklyn

Local DJs like Bill Patrick and Vivian Wang alternately explore the possibilities of techo’s ability to facilitate sustained movement. The club’s early schedule includes a set later this month by ‘90s acid house king Josh Wink in celebration of Nervous Records, an early hip hop and dance label. An investigation of the club’s bonafides can be done by looking at its Spotify playlist, which features 201 songs of underground techno and house.Their full schedule can be found at https://www.silobrooklyn.com/events

Rhiannon Catalyst, a self-described “multidisciplinary artist, vocalist, curator, event planner and tour manager,” dances conspicuously in one corner, her arms lifting up and down in a shimmering silver dress that reflected the beams of light that traced the floor. This is her first time seeing the room full after years of dancing there with her friends. She is a promoter herself and runs in the same circles as the people behind Silo. Towards the end of the small club is a stage. Two times, that night, an aerialist named Ariel Iasevoli silently dangled from various angles before leaving the stage. Despite being entirely unexplained, this was impressive.

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