Take Back The Light An Evening Celebrating the Female Spirit

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Max Fish Bar (120 Orchard Street)
7pm – 1am
(In the basement)

Party For The People Volume 2: Take Back The Light
An Evening Celebrating the Female Spirit

Hosted by:
Viet N’Guyen


Musical Performances:
Honeychild Coleman, Chicoutimi, Les Bicyclettes Blanches, Tabitha Booth

FIlm Presentation:
Yoko Suetsugu

Nicky Sunshine

Spoken Word:
Mariama Nance

Panel discussion with female creative entrepreneurs
who moonlight as social activists…including
Ginny Suss
Tonya Pinkins
Heather Tomko
Alice Teeple
Shelby Rider
Leslie Dahl
+ others

It promises to be a fun night.

Please be sure to RSVP


Instagram: @partyforthepeoplenyc

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