Designing Women Market and celebrate the Center for Women's History at the New-York Historical Society
springtime Designing Women Market

Saturday May 4th at 11 AM – 4 PM

New-York Historical Society 170 Central Park West, New York, New York 10024

Shop the beautiful wares at this year’s springtime Designing Women Market and celebrate the Center for Women’s History at the New-York Historical Society. The NYHistory Store will host talented women designers, entrepreneurs, and makers, who’ll be offering everything from Victorian-inspired jewelry to embroidered silk jackets to Tiffany-pattern scarves. There’ll be Member discounts, giveaways, and a raffle, and it’s free to the public. See you there!

Free to attend the market and watch “We Rise.” Does not include general Museum Admission. Guests who spend more than $25 at the market get 2 for 1 admission to the Museum!

Visitors to the market have FREE access to watch our film “We Rise,” narrated by Meryl Streep and featuring the song “We Are Here” written and composed by Alicia Keys.

Meet this year’s Makers: https://shop.nyhistory.org/pages/meet-our-spring-2019-designers
Learn More: https://shop.nyhistory.org/pages/spring-annual-designing-women-market

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