Dark & Lovely Building Beautiful Futures: A Black Girl's Guide to Making Bold Moves taking place on October 17th, 2023 at 6:30 pm ET at Howard University

Dark & Lovely Empowers at Howard University with “A Black Girl’s Guide to Making Bold Moves” Masterclass

On October 17th, the historic grounds of Howard University will come alive with a transformative event aimed at empowering young Black women. For the second consecutive year, Dark & Lovely, a pioneer in celebrating Black beauty, is hosting the masterclass, “A Black Girl’s Guide to Making Bold Moves”, set to take place at Howard’s Blackburn University Center in the Digital Auditorium during the esteemed HU Ideas Fest.

Leading this year’s panel discussion is none other than Yandy Smith-Harris, named 2020’s most influential personality by the NAACP. Smith-Harris’s illustrious career spans from music business executive roles, working with icons like LL Cool J and 50 Cent, to pioneering the Love & Hip-Hop franchise, and even dabbling in the world of film as an Executive Producer. In addition to her numerous professional accolades, her passionate commitment to racial and economic justice is evident in her role as a board member for the social justice organization, Until Freedom.

Smith-Harris is joined by a powerhouse panel, including Jessica Brown, President of the College Gurl Foundation and proud Howard alum, Nia Naylor, the HU Student Association President, and Tenaj Ferguson, Marketing Director of Dark & Lovely. Together, they aim to leave attendees not just inspired but equipped. The masterclass promises to deliver practical tools and insights on expressing one’s personal brand, effectively navigating pivotal career moments, and the art of mentorship.

This event, specially designed for Black female college students and young professionals, doesn’t end with just the masterclass. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to network at a curated reception. There, they can avail of free professional headshots and partake in refreshments. Plus, a cherry on top for beauty enthusiasts: they can choose a bold hair color of their preference from the Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Color Bar, replete with giveaways and gift bags.

However, this masterclass is not a standalone initiative. It’s a part of Dark & Lovely’s larger mission, ‘Building Beautiful Futures’. Established in 1972, Dark & Lovely has been at the forefront of championing Black beauty, creating innovative products that cater exclusively to the unique beauty needs of Black women. Now, with ‘Building Beautiful Futures’, the brand seeks to bridge the “opportunity gap” by providing Black female college students and young professionals with scholarships, mentorship, and career coaching opportunities.

The “opportunity gap” is not a mere term but a stark reality, highlighting how birth circumstances often dictate the education and career trajectories of individuals. Recognizing this widening gap, especially among young Black women, Dark & Lovely has taken it upon itself to pave ways for over 1,000 young Black women, helping them navigate a world where opportunities might seem scarce.

For 50 years, Dark & Lovely has celebrated the individuality of Black women. With this masterclass at Howard University, it reaffirms its commitment, empowering the next generation to make their own bold moves.

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