In light of the safety concerns over in person contact sadly and in the best interest of our community, we’re going to be canceling listing of Live events of March and April, The listing will be of only virtual for March and April and of live events from June 2020 onward, in hope we are over this terrible circumstance that we are all in.

Please return often and mark your calendar for Virtual and summer event listings, stay tuned!

ByMichelle Mitchell

I am The BOSS , Publisher and one of the Contributing writters. What else do you need to know. We do this for you to make life easier in doing the picking of fun events to attend for you. Where food taste great. Where to get that tasty drink. Where to go to make new friends or lose them. We are in the know, trust me! We are in many circles and outside some as well. Let us know what you think of our site.

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